From startup to settled engineering company

Tech Invent came to us at design concern with a desire to create a brand identity which could express the professionalism and wealth of ideas that they possess. We helped them towards that goal by developing a design line and developing a user-friendly website that fit their profile exactly.

Tech Invent


Increased visibility and recognizability

Common line of communications established in the company

Communication of competencies

Improved professional communication


“In collaboration with design concern, we received a new brand identity at Tech Invent which differentiates us from other engineering companies. The design work helps us create a unique position as “the breath of fresh and professional air” in the engineering business.”

Jesper Nygaard, co-founder

About the project.

With a growing customer base, Tech Invent was missing a thought-out and consistent brand, they could be recognized by. The company’s unique brand was developed in collaboration with design concern, and we developed a logo and design line that the company could see themselves in. We also developed a user-friendly website based on this design line.

As a self-described “breath of fresh air” in the engineering business, the company has innovation and expertise as their primary foci. To express these values visually, design concern developed a logo as a stylized screw nut. The letter “E” without the vertical line drives through the openness and ease which characterizes Tech Invents business philosophy.

Tech Invent also had help in producing a video to express their curiosity and appetite for innovation. To highlight Tech Invent’s special work process, we also made an animated film.

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