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According to Statistics Denmark, the unemployment rate in Denmark was at 2.7% as of January 2022. This is nearly record low and means a worsening of the struggles, that many Danish companies are experiencing regarding recruitment.

New numbers from The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment show, that Danish business is so desperately in need of manpower, that many companies must decline new tasks and orders. Subsequently, it becomes a fierce battle for the best candidates.

Vice president at Confederation of Danish Employers, Erik E. Simonsen, reports that every third recruitment attempt in Denmark is unsuccessful. Companies are simply unable to recruit new employees for their posted advertisements.

Jobless candidates are demanding more and more from their future place of employment. Studies show that young jobseekers want diversity, a more present leadership, more freedom and individuality. In other words, an attractive workplace is more than just good colleagues, work/life balance, and a good salary, which are the three conditions set by most jobseekers.

Danish companies can benefit from rethinking their labour relations to attract new generations of jobseekers. How do you do that?

Below are the national results of the latest study on the Danish recruitment situation. You can also find inspiration on how to attract the right candidates.

Multiple industries are affected.

Discouraging results.

In June 2022, the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment released a survey to investigate the recruitment situation for Danish companies. The primary conclusions show that there generally is a slight improvement since the last assessment, but that Danish companies are still struggling.

The results show that, at a national level, agriculture, forestry, fishery, as well as hotels and restaurants are the ones struggling the most with recruitment. Meanwhile, real-estate and rental as well as education are experiencing the least challenges.

Overall, 46% of companies are reporting great losses in productivity as a result of the record low unemployment rate.

What you can do.

Make your business more desirable to the target group
Reconsider how your business becomes one of the most attractive workplaces in your industry. Are you for example looking for young workers? How desirable are you, and what can you do?

Send the right signals in the right places
To find the right candidates, it is worthwhile to reconsider where they’re looking and thereby how to best address them.

Use Google Sprint
The sprint method can help you and your company to quickly uncover your specific challenges and find an effective solution. A sprint is cost-saving and provides concrete results in a matter of days.