Award-winning alarm transmitter for the elderly

Winner: Red Dot Award
Nomination: INDEX:AWARD

Tunstall is one of the world’s leading suppliers of communication solutions and personal security for the health and care sector. The solutions include alarm systems, intercoms, assault alarms and safeguarding the demented. The safeguarding has to be as decent as possible, based on user needs. Tunstall asked design concern for advice. 



Design that doesn’t stigmatize


Several applications – several user groups

Better earnings and image


“The fact that the transmitter is nice to look at help the elderly to chose to wear it. And it is easier to make specialized versions for demented people so they don’t throw it away. The leaders in the municipalities also like that the transmitter is pretty and thought through. The well-designed transmitter definitely has a postivie effect on the market.”

Anette Stjerne, Sales Manager, Denmark

About the project.

An alarm transmitter was developed which could be utilized regardless of physical and mental capacity and gender. The personal alarm transmitter helps the individual citizen that needs to call for help.

The transmitter had to ensure that the citizen achieves the greatest amount of freedom. The same thing pleases the caretakers, because they can better optimize their use of ressources since they always know where the citizen is. Next of kin also had to feel safe knowing that a family member could call for help or be found if the invidual was lost.

All this and more was achieved by Tunstall with the new design. The transmitter also ended up being used by caretakers as an assault alarm. 

design concern was along for the whole trip: from start to launch of the finished product.

The transmitter was subsequently awared with the renowned German design award, Red Dot Award, and nominated for the INDEX:AWARD.


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