Vulnerable teenagers get easy access to guidance are experts in providing therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults. With children and young people as a target group, it is crucial to be up to date when it comes to online presence. See how design concern, in close collaboration with, has created a digital platform for vulnerable young people and professional psychologists.


Clarification of user needs

Visual identity and logo brush-up

Streamlined communications effort across all material

Website directed towards the target group

Online platform that helps the young target group

User-friendly login functionality

About the project.

The foundation for the project was laid through a sprint process, where the main focus was to create a digital platform and a visual identity that both captures and retains the target groups – and is based on current user needs.

Through the digital platform, the website, both children and young people, relatives, and professionals can easily find relevant information. To make the site user-friendly for the visitor, the website is based on a three-part structure.

The website thus addresses each target group directly and steers the user towards the content that is relevant to that individual. It is also possible to log in and find relevant materials.

To meet the wish for a modern look that also appeals to young people, got a new logo.

The logo is based on the well-known symbol for psychology, with strong references to the field. At the same time, modifications have been made to draw parallels to a child and a young person. has become a visible and attractive company to work with and to work for.


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