Counseling made easy

Since 1973, Venti has developed, produced and sold products for the ventilation and plumbing business in Scandinavia. Venti wanted to create a strong digital platform with an obvious categorization of products and accessories. 



Strong profile increases visibility

Improved competitiveness 

User-friendly interface

Easy overview of products and accessories 

Administrative easing for employees

About the project.

Venti both produces and offers counsel about ventilation. With the goal of increasing the company’s visibility on the market via a new digital platform, design concern worked with mapping out Venti’s services and products. With that in mind, it became possible to categorize content and create a user-friendly website

Besides lifting the company visually, the new structure on the website means that it is now easier to find the desired information regardless if you are a builder, an engineer or an architect. And now it is even possible to order and see previous orders in the web shop.

All in all, the project has effected increased efficiency and time-savings for Venti since the users are more autonomous with regards to finding the desired product information including pictures, product sheets and brochure materials online. 

design concern subsequently impletemented the same effective strategy for Venti’s sister company,, which produces fire extinguishing material. 

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