Rebranding lifts sales to new heights

Vento Nordic is a Danish distributor and contractor of fireplaces, wood-fired ovens, chimneys and accessories. The last couple of years have been less than optimal for the fireplace industry. The supply is large in relation to the demand, and many consumers choose to get rid of the fireplace. To improve their image and achieve marked sales results, the company chose to go through a rebranding process.

Vento Nordic


Development of a consistent design universe

Improved competitiveness

Preparation for growth

New identity and web shop

About the project.

Through the strategic development process, Vento Nordic were confirmed in which customers and markets they had to focus on in the future. The results from the development process laid the foundation for a rebranding of Vento Nordic’s complete universe.

All information from the strategic process was boiled down and translated into a new and sleek design universe and a new, modern Vento Nordic-brand through their new website and web shop.

The focus has been to emphazise that Vento Nordic are selling an exclusive piece of furniture. The visual universe is therefore inspired by feelings and sensibilities since the emotional part of the purchase has great influence.

The result is that the company’s wish to address themselves towards, and increasingly sell to, architects and construction company’s prestige houses has been fulfilled.


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