Branding of sustainable plug & play car washes

Washbox develops architect drawn, modular car washes, that can be placed and moved as needed. They’re delivered pre-assembled and ready to go – all without any digging being necessary. It is a sustainable total solution with a lot of advantages. design concern was there from the beginning to help develop brand, logo, and online universe.



Increased prominence

Strengthened competitiveness

User-friendly online universe

Strong visual identity


“As we faced the launch of our new company group, Ipart Group, including two existing and two new subsidiaries, we needed an overall CVI with everything this entailed – logos, colour palettes, graphic elements, new sites etc. design concern was our partner here, helping to keep track of all the many tasks while creating a common thread throughout the expression and the individual elements. All through the project, design concern has had a great overview and not least demonstrated great helpfulness, commitment, and ability to both act quickly in certain aspects and at the same time be patient in others in terms of waiting time due to various work processes in our company – all with a big smile and service mind.”

Mia Belland Sølvsten, Group Communication Manager, Ipart Group A/S

About the project.

The Washbox car wash is a further development of the classic car wash – and an ambitious modular build. Washbox continuously develops the ultimate, sustainable car wash that includes the TotalService concept. Among other things, this means reductions in use of water as well as an easy and cost-effective everyday life with daily surveillance and support for the car wash owners.

design concern has assisted them with design strategizing, workshop, and development on the company’s exciting journey. Working closely with Washbox, we have advanced the brand – including name and pay-off.

Additionally, a strong, recognisable visual identity has been designed to create awareness and support sales.

Moreover, Washbox’s website now tells the story of their innovative and sustainable car wash with the many advantages. Today, Washbox is part of the Ipart Group.


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