Who are we?

Meet the design concern team.

design concern consists of a small, experienced, and dedicated team that solves both large and small tasks for our customers. We do this in close collaboration and by making use of each other’s competencies.

We help our customers create value and achieve what they dream of – making everyday life more efficient and easier.

When you partner with us, you will quickly get to know our team on a first name basis, and if you want to know who the people behind design concern are, read on for an introduction to the team at our office on Nørre Allé.


The team behind design concern.

Executive Director 


First, meet Lone, who keeps the troops in line at design concern. Lone is the CEO and founded design concern in 1992. Lone has a background as an industrial designer with a PhD from the School of Architecture. Based on the needs of companies and their clients, she helps clients with their strategy and with rethinking clients’ businesses, creating visibility, added value, competitiveness, and growth.

Graphic designer


Next, we have Lene, who is our graphic designer. Lene has been working at design concern for 10 years and she has a bachelor’s in graphic and visual communication from the School of Visual Communication. Lene works broadly with graphic design and assignments ranging from small clients with a small need to larger project clients. Lene works primarily with visual identity, editorial design, as well as the design of logos, graphics, and packaging. In addition, she also does some UX design in connection with web design.

Sales and marketing


Sophie is the newest addition to design concern and our dedicated sales and marketing manager. With a bachelor’s degree in international trade and marketing, she has a wide range of skills to meet the needs of design concern‘s customers. She focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction through dedicated support and advice. Her expertise ranges from identifying target audiences to developing creative strategies and implementing effective sales initiatives.

Sophie is always open to a non-binding conversation where she listens to your desires and needs.

Web Developer


Last but not least, we have Thor. Thor is our web developer, and he has been at design concern since March 2021. Thor has a bachelor’s in digital concept development with multimedia design as his undergraduate degree. Thor’s tasks span far and wide, and he works on tasks such as designing architecture, interface, and sub-elements. He develops and designs in WordPress, for which he also creates and implements content. His tasks also include speed and SEO optimisation as well as coding in primarily HTML and CSS.

Interns and collaborators.

Besides our team of permanent employees, we work closely with a number of external specialists from different disciplines, with whom we have typically collaborated for many years. In addition, we often have students from different academic fields doing internships. This means knowledge sharing at all levels – and also makes a positive contribution to the many diverse tasks that we solve together with customers in many industries.

Do you need help?

At design concern, you benefit from our long experience and strong competencies – and, depending on your needs, you also get access to other skilled specialists whom we have often worked with for many years. We add value to your business and create solutions that contribute to growth.