Sustainable odor removal

Zen Company produces sustainable and allergy-friendly products made from 100% organic raw materials, free from chemicals. design concern was tasked with developing a series of environmentally friendly products in the company’s Kokoro-series and an accompanying logo.

Zen Company


Idea drafting for active coal product

Harmony between functionality and design

Environment and allergy friendly products

Unique product series


“Its important that the things we develope are thought through so that functionality as well as design comes into one. That is why we contacted design concern who have helped us with our active coal products.”

Mia Lee, iværksætter

About the project.

design concern first delivered a logo for the product series Kokoro. The logo was used in connection with the products and in brochures, banners and posters.

Next, we designed a series of dog baskets which contain active coal. The active coal is placed in the replaceable and soft matress where it collects moisture and odora. The baskets come in three sizes and is designed with simple and elegant lines. The upholstery is easy to take off and washable. The baskets come in three colors: black, grey and violet.

Furthermore, we designed a shoe bag with active goal that removes smells and moisture and thereby extends the footwear’s longevity. We also designed a small bag that is especially effective in small, enclosed spaces like a car, a caravan, a suitcase, sports bags, the closet and in training and work lockers. 

We similarly designed a spray can that we sprayed directly on smelly material or in the air surrounding it and thereby effectively get rid of smells. 

It is all based on sustainable bamboo coal. 


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