Is your webshop Black Friday ready?

Why should you concern yourself with Black Friday?

November has been the biggest month for e-commerce sales over the past few years. This clearly has something to do with Black Friday, or Black Week as it has become, and Cyber Monday. With the date this year says November 25th, sales will be booming and there’s plenty of opportunity to get lots of customers into your webshop.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce estimates that in 2021, online sales reached more than DKK 3.2 billion during the week, beating the record set in 2020. There’s a lot of money in e-commerce, and if you own a webshop, it’s important that it’s ready for Black Friday.

In October, we wrote a blog post about what you need to know before building a website, and if you own a webshop, it’s essential that it’s ready for the high volume of customers and sales that Black Friday will bring. It’s not enough that you have a user-friendly website, your webshop also needs to meet certain expectations. If your webshop does not meet expectations, customers will look elsewhere. Your customers need to have a good shopping experience so that they want to buy from you again. Your webshop should be straightforward and smooth to navigate, offers and products should be easy to understand, and payment should be effortless.

Do you have good product descriptions? Good product texts? And good product images?
The more you put into the preparation, the more likely your visitors will become customers. While you may not make a lot of money from the customers you get on Black Friday, sale number one is significantly harder than sale number two. That’s why you need to use Black Friday smartly and strategically. A customer who repeatedly buys something from you can be worth a lot in the long run.

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