Get hot leads via Leadinfo.

Have you heard about Leadinfo?

If not, it’s about time. Here at design concern, our hands are in the air out of excitement about Leadinfo and what it can do.

If you’re not already familiar with Leadinfo, it’s a software that identifies business visitors on your website. It lets you see how many pages a business has visited, how long they’ve spent on your site, and where they’re from – whether that’s regional, national, or international. It makes it easy to find out which visitors are your hottest leads, and who you should take contact to. After all, they could be a potential customer.

It may sound a bit technical, but Leadinfo has turned up the user-friendliness, giving a good overview of all the different features. What’s more, the tracking tool also integrates with around 70 integrations, so you can almost be sure that it will connect to software you already use. Personally, we have integrated Leadinfo with Google Ads, among others, so that we can see our data from Google Ads inside Leadinfo’s dashboard.

In addition, we also integrate Leadinfo into Asana, which is a project management system. We have created several “triggers” in Leadinfo that identify which leads we find interesting, and these leads are automatically added to Asana. This provides a quick and clear overview of which leads we need to address. We can then make a note of any contact we have with the company, so everyone internally has an overview and can quickly see what was last talked about.

At design concern, we use the data that Leadinfo provides to learn more about where our visitors come from, how many pages they visit, and their customer journey. This gives us an idea of how our leads behave on our website, and whether there is anything we can improve so that the next visitor becomes a customer. With this the tip is passed on.

Why Leadinfo?

Facts about Leadinfo.

  • It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • It is GDPR-secure and complies with all rules
  • It has around 70 integrations
  • Can find IP addresses from 214 countries
  • Has a unique database that provides insights into visitor patterns

What can it be used for?

  • You get an overview of your visitors
  • You get an insight into the customer journey
  • To generate leads
  • Send hot leads to a colleague
  • Get detailed user behaviour through behavioural analytics

Do you need help?

Interested in learning more about Leadinfo or want help setting it up? Then contact us at +45 8676 1022.