Why should you use mail hosting?

What is an email host?

With email hosting, you can get a unique and professional email address. An email host is a mail system where you can log in to a control panel and use personal as well as unique emails. With an email host you can choose the name and domain name for your email address, provided the domain name is available. For example, we own the domain designconcern.com and can therefore create email addresses called name@designconcern.com.

Why should you use an email host?

There are several advantages to having an email host. It’s both smart, as you can consolidate your emails, and it looks professional with personalised emails. This is especially true for businesses that want a unified email look, and it can quickly look unprofessional if a business doesn’t use an email host. With email hosting, all emails look the same, while still being personalised to the individual employee.

What should you choose?

Are there other alternatives to email hosting?

An email host does not provide access to calendar or contacts, nor does it actively synchronise across devices. If you need this, you should instead use solutions such as Microsoft 365 or Hosted Exchange. Secondly, email hosts also cannot be extended with the Office suite and apps such as Teams and OneDrive. Microsoft 365 can.

So, an email host is used for email hosting and nothing else. If you have ambitions to use your professional email address for something other than email, you should consider Hosted Exchange or Microsoft 365. However, if you only need email hosting, an email host is the obvious and cheap solution.

Which provider should you choose?

Through our provider, Curanet, you get free webmail, 99.95% uptime guarantee, unlimited space, daily backup, and access to your own control panel.
From within the control panel, you can

  • Create an unlimited number of email addresses
  • Set up passwords
  • Create email aliases
  • Create autoresponders
  • Adjust antivirus and antispam settings
  • Black- and whitelist domains
  • Freely choose between POP3 and IMAP
  • Set up email on your phone or computer

Do you need help?

We will happily help you set up an email host. And if you want to know more about Hosted Exchange or Microsoft 365, we are ready and available to provide advice and help on +45 8676 1022.