Is your visual identity under control?

What is a visual identity?

A visual identity is the public face of your company. It is what gives your company its personality and makes it stand out from the crowd. Everyone has a visual identity, whether they are aware of it or not.

Your visual identity is everything you display to the outside world. Your website, your social media, even your emails. You can call it your digital business card. It is therefore important that there is a common thread running through the logo, colours, typography, illustrations, photos, and all the other visual characteristics that convey something about your company.

Why is a good visual identity important?

You are judged on your visual identity when your target audience has to decide at a glance whether to buy your product or use your services. It is the first thing your target audience encounters, and the verdict is immediate. Is your audience willing to choose you?

A carefully thought-out visual identity expresses what your company stands for, as well as matches services and products. It makes your company appear serious, which inspires confidence in your target audience.

With a strong visual identity, you ensure that you create vital recognisability for your brand that becomes easy to remember and makes your business stand out on the market. A good visual identity will therefore be able to both communicate your brand and vision as well as attract potential customers. In other words, a professional and well-crafted visual identity can strengthen your competitive edge and thus generate growth.

Why should you seek outside help?

Internal and external benefits.

There are many benefits to being deliberate and strategic about visual identity. Your visual identity says a lot about your company, and it can also change your business – internally and externally. To the naked eye, your messages and products become attractive. Internally, several workflows can be streamlined as your employees have a guiding principle to work from. They know what font, colour, and tone to communicate in. Plus, your employees will want to communicate your company’s messages when they work with materials that are both stylish and easy to use. Read more about visual identity here.

We can help you.

While there are many things that contribute to creating your visual identity, creating a good visual identity is not easy. On the contrary, it can be a considerable challenge to clarify your visual communication goals, to ensure the right messages are signalled, and at the same time ensure that a common thread runs through all the material. There is a lot of strategic work involved, including understanding the market, your target audience, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Work that can be made much easier with experienced and competent consulting.

Do your logo, colours, and images on your website reflect what you want to represent? Does your visual identity match what you offer here and now? If not, it might be time to rethink and update your visual identity. At design concern, we are happy to help.

Do you need help?

We can help you work consciously and strategically with your logo and visual identity so that both become strong assets in your marketing.