Because it makes your company visible.

Design differentiates and embodies your company.

Why does a company need graphic elements? With graphic design, you are sending messages to the world and you are able to set yourself apart from other companies. With a graphic effort, a well-defined line of communication is established in everything your company sends out into the world. This could be a logo, a visual identity, signs, stationary, illustrations, brochures and more. But also a website, social media and film needs to take into account the graphic design line.

Never compromise.

It pays not to compromise on your graphic identity. It reflects your company’s DNA and suits both the time we find ourselves in and your sector.

At design concern we can help you the whole way through, no matter if you are a big, experienced company or a startup. We help with everything from the logo design to designs of large website with accompanying content – and everything in between. You get an experienced design partner who helps you get you where you are going.

These are some of the companies, that we have helped with graphic elements.