Master care idenditet

15 Apr MasterCARE

Innovative design +

Communication strategy,
corporate identity,
website and e-shop

The customer

MasterCARE is a specialist in transfers, and Denmarks  leading manufacturer of transfer and mobility assistive devices.


MasterCARE has their own production, which enables them quickly to create custom solutions for clients, which include public and private institutions as well as private users.

The task

To develop a branding and communication strategy. To design a communication plan that identifies a number of elements, among them a new website with e-shop for both private and public users.


A new corporate logo that symbolizes what MasterCARE stands for: Transfer and handling between people. With a caring and positive mental attitude.

The solution

A branding, and communication strategy and a plan for implementation.


A user-friendly website with e-shop, focusing on the good buying experience for different customer groups: private, caregivers and hospitals / nursing homes.


A new corporate identity with a new corporate logo that symbolizes the unity between two people who share a transferring task. The logo and the orange color symbolizes happiness, positivity, and caring at the same time.

Master Care logo

Master CARE is a 100% Danish-owned company and is the only one on the market that works exclusively with manual mobility and transfer solutions for the healthcare industry.

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