Roltec – Viper

Roltec Viper el-kørestol

31 Mar Roltec – Viper

Cutting edge
electric wheelchair

ROLTEC VIPER sets new standards for
front-wheel driven electric wheelchairs

The customer

Since 1974, ROLTEC el-koerestole A/S did offer a wide program of indoor and outdoor Power Wheelchairs with focus on functionality and quality.


The modular construction system ensures a very low seat height, and the comfort and the high reliability is one of the cornerstones of the ROLTEC products.

The task

The ROLTEC VIPER´s front-wheel drive power chair must be able to turn and maneuver in narrow spaces – and the surroundings must be protected against harmful collisions. The chair must maintain superb handling on all surfaces.


The task is to redesign and develop the front-wheel drive, and to design diverse constituent parts.

The solution

A user-friendly electric wheelchair where mechanical and electronic parts are designed into modular systems to ensure both ease of use and ease of technical maintenance.


The redesigned shield means efficient protection of the chairs mechanical and electronic parts. Furthermore, the smooth and fine curves are easy to clean.


The shield also secures hands and fingers against squeezing when operating the seat tilt and lift.

Roltec logo

RROLTEC VIPER is designed by Design Concern A/S known for their ability to combine great functionality with elegant design.


Thomas Pedersen, Sales Manager, Roltec Elkoerestole A/S

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